Hi,   I am Aga.

A pediatric physical therapist, a mother, an optimist and
a devoted teacher dedicated to your baby!

My story starts 34 years ago.

I was a strange teenager still caring for my dolls, reading parenting books and magazines. I enjoyed browsing at baby stores on my free time and started collecting toys and children's books while in high-school. My favorite baby item was the stroller. 

As you can imagine this hobby was a bit embarrassing for a teenager. But I could not stop being who I was. And the drive to learn more about babies has never subsided or disappeared.

As embarrassing as it was at that time, today I reap the benefits of starting to educate myself about babies so early. I consider myself lucky that I knew and followed my calling.

Let's   teach

    Your Baby

and give them a head start in life!

Deciding to become a Pediatric Physical Therapist was not easy. Therapist's work can make a baby cry and I never wanted to be a person associated with crying.

But my love of the body, the nervous system, the babies and my fathers belief in me led me to choose the profession of Physical therapy.

I started teaching babies and their parents around 27 years ago and quickly learned that my professional education is not going to be enough to help babies achieve their full potential. 

My goal is to help babies not only to learn to walk, run and jump but to help babies live as babies should; free from any restrictions.

My lifelong quest understanding the body, the nervous system, the mind, the soul ~ and human, baby and child development guided me to study not only my profession but: 

~ Parenting ~ Child behavior ~ Psychology ~ Neuro science ~ Nutrition ~
~ Myofascial Release ~ Cranio Sacral Therapy ~ Hydro Therapy ~ Baby swimming ~
~ Hyppo Therapy ~ Homeopathic’s ~ Herbology ~ Alternative medicine ~ Chiropractic’s ~
~ Volt therapy ~ Quantum Physics  ~ Energy healing ~ Hypnosis ~ Matrix energetics ~
~ Pranic healing ~ Chakra balancing ~ Psychic Reading ~ Philosophy ~ Religious studies ~
~ find details here

I invite you to read about my therapeutic approach at www.kidsppt.com

I Love my calling.
I love babies.

And I love drawing them.

I started this blog to share what life, my two beautiful children and the hundreds of babies that I worked with taught me in the past few decades.

I invite you to educate yourself about the best educational toys and baby gear that aids your baby’s growth.

Read my blog to learn about baby and child development. My topics are inspired by the questions parents are asking me about repeatedly.


 I am here to help you teach

     Your Baby

    and give them a head start in life!

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