I am a free Spirit.

On Earth, people call me Aga. Agota (Agatha).
I am a daughter to I and Z, my lovely parents.
I am an older sister to my dear brother, G.
I am a very lucky wife of my sweetheart, J.
I am a blessed mother of my sweet children, S and D.
I am loved by my Saint Bernard pup in heaven-Berry,  by my Kuvasz pup-Saffy, by my Burmese kitties Chocolate and Cocco.
I love tending my English garden that my husband created for me.
I play with the magic of creation through- painting, sewing and knitting.

My biggest passions in life are learning and teaching, along with a deep love for babies.
To be able to live my passions, I study every day to be the best.
The Best at teaching babies, to walk, to run, to live as our babies should, free from any restrictions.

I have obtained a BS in Physical Therapy.
I am a knowledge seeker, not a degree or certificate collector.
To achieve results in my quest of teaching baby’s to walk I stepped out of the box.
I studied:
~ Parenting ~ Child behavior ~ Psychology ~ Neuro science ~ Nutrition ~ Myofascial Release ~ Cranio Sacral Therapy ~ Hydro Therapy ~ Baby swimming ~ Hyppo Therapy ~ Homeopathic’s ~ Herbology ~ Alternative medicine ~ Chiropractic’s ~ Volt therapy ~ Quantum Physics ~ Energy healing ~ Hypnosis ~ Matrix energetics ~ Pranic healing ~ Chakra balancing ~ Psychic Reading ~ Philosophy ~ Religious studies ~